It turns out that the difference is HUGE: you can have a storage water heater installed for about $350-450. However, installing a tankless heater will set you back at least $1,200-2,500, because there is complex plumbing and electric work that needs to be done. However, if your house needs to be completely retrofitted to put in a tankless water heater you are looking at installation costs of around $4,000-5,000. This means that even if you pay the same price for a tankless hot water heater as you would for a storage model, you will still spend at least an additional $1,000 on installation. Energy Savings from a Tankless Hot Water Heater Did you know that about 30% of an average home’s energy budget is spent on heating water? This prompts many homeowners to look for ways to cut costs, and one option is to install a more energy efficient water heater . Compared to tank-style gas heaters, on-demand gas heaters are about 22% more energy efficient. If your household only used 40 gallons of water or less per day, the tankless device could be as much as 24-34% more energy efficient than a traditional model. How much does this put back in your pocket? Research shows that 22% higher energy efficiency of a tankless water heater is equal to about $70-80 savings per year. If you consider the cost difference of $1,000 calculated above, saving at the rate of $80/year would mean that you would recoup the cost of the tankless heater only in 12.5 years.

Your company needs to make a profit. The flat rate system allows you to charge a fair price and take the emphasis off the hourly rate. Customers are more likely to pay right away when they have already agreed on the total price up front. At the end of a service call, the value of the service is still top of mind for the customer. Which makes him or her more likely to pay–immediately. Waiting to get paid hurts your bottom line. With a flat rate system, cash flow is significantly improved.  When your plumbing business becomes more streamlined through flat rate pricing, there’s efficiencies to be had. One of these efficiencies is the sale of more equipment. When a plumber presents a quote it allows the customer to decide whether to repair or replace an item. Many times they decide to replace which leads to more overall equipment sales.

Indicates tapered threads on pipes and fittings. NSPC: Acronym for National Standard Plumbing Code. O-Ring: A rubber washer that is round instead of flat. Used in valve stems to create a watertight seal. Oakum: Loosely woven hemp rope that has been treated with oil or other waterproofing agent; it is used to caulk joints in a bell and spigot pipe and fittings. OD: Stands for “outside diameter.” Measures the outside width of a pipe. Offset: The term used to describe a pipe that connects two parallel pipes. Some offsets in a drainage system may require an offset relief vent. Overflow Hood: On a bath drain, the decorative hood concealing the overflow. Overflow Tube: The vertical tube inside a toilet tank that directs water into the bowl in case the ballcock malfunctions and prevents potential water damage caused by a tank overflow.

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The next step is a more comprehensive look at the needs of your business. We hope to match your business with qualified candidates that are knowledgeable, experienced, show good characters, and would overall be a good fit for the culture of your business. Remember when you are hiring new employees, they are a direct representation of you and your business. Which is why it is so important to be selective, after all you are putting your valuable customers in their hands. And as you probably know, good loyal customers are priceless! Finding the Right Candidates for Your Business With Grow Plumbings recruiting services, we will help you create a career center on your website! This includes relevant content pertaining to your job listings that is optimized with relevant keywords for search engines and a strong call to action! In addition we will also form a comprehensive West Chicago Illinois 60185 social media strategy to promote your job listings on all of your social media platforms utilizing both inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies. Don’t Have Time to Post our Job on Recruiting Websites? Don’t worry, we will do this for you!

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